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Aside from being Sean Bean's accountablity partner we find time to have fun; this is Carl himself getting in some serious Manual labor with the hoopty.


Melody's Birthday!!

Pete & Melody on her birthday din-din at Mo's...sharin' some birthday desert are we?? Can u believe 23??

Pete & Melody enjoying the sunset at Newport on her birthday!

Pete & Melody-
I'm gonna reach down deep inside of me and try to communicate something really meaningful, powerful, and significant that pertains to you two love birds...

~The Air~
By Branden For P & M.
The ocean air is all you can smell
I can faintly hear the wedding bell
Along with the smell you get to taste
All that can be, how can you possibly waste?
You have the emotions, feelings, and trust
And you find yourself asking, 'when did we start?'
Whoa! There happens to be a rumbling was that an earth quake?
Nope it was just branden out for a fart


This is my dad (Brian), sister (Lexie), and brother (Austin) getting baptized at First Evangelical Church by pastor Ron on January 20, 2007!!


Here are a few pictures of the three amigos...
Pete and Melody and I have had some fun times...
from late night jaunts to Wally's World to Pop's or Denny's...
...You just can't complain with two such special friends!!





Hey everyone! Please welcome the Agee's newest members! Cali's baby's are adorable; haven't named them yet though.